Uniform and homogeneous light

NEONICA LED strips are the perfect essence of carefully selected LEDs at the stage of completing them for production. The individual diodes on the LED strip are selected in terms of identical parameters: voltage, power supply, luminance and, most importantly, chromaticity and color temperature. Such an excellent selection guarantees that the lighting arrangement created by you will be free from strange stains of a different color, discoloration or darker places. When buying LED strips imported from China, you can meet with the fact that the apparent savings in price will ruin the end result due to uneven light in various shades.

We provide uniform light, not only within one 5-meter roll, but also throughout the entire order. When you buy, for example, 5 rolls of NEONICA LED strip, you get all the rolls the same, without any unpleasant surprises, where individual parts of the illumination have inconsistent color or light intensity. LEDs are selected in lots known in the industry as BIN. We make sure that you receive LEDs from the same BIN in one order. For technological reasons, we cannot continue or support the bins indefinitely. Therefore, if your project requires uniform light, make sure that the LED strips come from the same order (see the barcodes on the label).



Color rendering index CRI

The color rendering index CRI / Ra (Color Rendering Index) basically shows how faithful the colors are in a given light. The value of 100 is the maximum value and determines ideal color rendering. In practice, a CRI> 80 ensures correct and faithful color rendering, and a person feels good because they perceive colors in the right way. In cheaper imported LED strips from China, the CRI is usually less than 70, the color of the light is no longer acceptable to our brain, it irritates us, we stop recognizing the colors of the objects we know well. Often, clients refer to it as "corpse light" or "morgue light". This phenomenon is identified with the cold white color. However, this is not the correct cause. Low CRI

By choosing NEONICA LED strips as standard, you have a guaranteed CRI> 80.



After many years, the same ...

The quality of the components used and the high precision of assembly ensure several times longer life of Neonica LED strips. Even after 10 years, you will be able to enjoy a well-made choice!

For the production of our tapes, we use LEDs only from reputable manufacturers, in which the chips are welded with a pure 24K gold wire. Thanks to such careful selection of components, you can be sure that the product will function properly for many years, because only gold is the best conductor that does not oxidize and is neutral for the environment. Chinese manufacturers use alloys of various base metals to weld chips of cheap LEDs. The end product using such LEDs is cheaper, but its lifetime rarely exceeds several hundred hours. Read details about the LED chip bonding process on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wire_bonding

A very important factor that influences the correct operation and lifetime of the LED strip is the flexible FPC base on which the LEDs are placed. Neonica only uses a double primer with an increased mass of copper. This ensures high electrical conductivity and much better heat dissipation from the LEDs.

The key to the long life of our LED strips and strips are also carefully selected resistors. Neonica LED strip is configured in such a way that the diodes keep some reserve and do not work overload. The product temperature is carefully controlled. In this way, even after many years, the luminous flux of the LED strip does not degrade as quickly as in the strips produced by PRC. We come across Chinese products that stop shining just 3 months after purchase. Weak and distorted LEDs in the first weeks after installation seem to glow strongly because they operate at much higher voltage than they should, but burn out completely after several hundred hours of operation. Every day they shine less and less and less… changing their color more and more.

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